The Common Swift (Apus apus L.)

This bird is special in many ways. It's the last to arrive at its northern breeding grounds and the first to leave. For a bird of its size, it can live a long time, and swifts have to known to live for as long as 21 years. It can survive bad weather by entering what is called torpor, a coma-like condition in which its metabolism slows to almost nothing. The most amazing thing is the adaptation of the species to flight. The body is the perfect development for flying in the air.

The Common Swift does everything in the air, except breeding. It finds its prey there and feeds on the wing. It preens and plays in the air. It sleeps there most of the time in its life. It mates and collects nesting material on the wing. The wings are narrow but long which makes it a rapid and precise hunter of its targets such like flying insects and spiders. From quiet waters it drinks while flying or takes showers when its bill dives and splashes water.

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